Premises Liability

California law requires property owners to maintain their buildings and grounds in a reasonably safe condition. However, the extent of this responsibility can be hard to specify in a slip & fall case. Residential and commercial property owners have somewhat different responsibilities for protecting visitors, guests, shoppers or the general public from a slip-and-fall accident or other injuries.
At The Law Offices of Annee Della Donna our experienced trial lawyers combine a thorough understanding of premises liability law with substantial experience in proving disputed facts concerning the condition of the property, the cause of the accident and the extent of the victim's damages. This allows us to develop and present strong damages demands in such situations as the following:
  • Slip-and-fall accidents in stores or commercial buildings
  • Slip-and-fall injuries on unreasonably dangerous or icy outdoor surfaces
  • Workplace accidents caused by unsafe building sites or delivery zones
  • Children's injuries at playgrounds, parks or community centers
  • Accidents caused by dangerous or defective building components
  • Accidents caused by inadequate indoor or outdoor lighting
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Claims against cities, towns or counties for accidents on public property
  • Electrocution accidents caused by defective wiring or exposed power lines
  • Negligent security claims against nightclubs, parking lot owners or other defendants
  • Burn injuries suffered in fires caused by dangerous building conditions
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